Minniti hails inviting Africa to G20 Summit, says Libya will be discussed

The former Italian Minister of Interior and head of one of the Leonardo Group’s institutions, Marco Minniti, described the African continent as a “rocky guest”, during his participation, Saturday, in the G20 summit in the Italian capital, Rome.

In an article published by the newspaper “La Repubblica”, Minniti said that Africa has become crucial for the stability of the planet, starting with the “challenge of climate change”, and based on the major issue of health security, noting that his country did well by inviting the African Union to the summit of 20, an important option that reveals, at the same time, awareness and sensitivity towards Africa, according to him.

Speaking about Africa, the former Italian Minister of Interior indicated that Erdogan’s Turkey, which is participating in the Rome summit, has since its intervention in the Libyan conflict formulated its own independent approach in various African parts, according to the model of relations with Russia, which was abused by the use of some harmony resulting from the positive diversity of opinions, as he described it.

Minniti pointed out that what he described as the “military junta” in Mali, carried out a coup within a coup in the heart of the Sahel region, which is the front line in the fight against the local militias of al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists, with an increasingly important European military mission, immersed in a scenario that seems In it, Niger is the only cornerstone of both security and democracy.

Minniti noted that the coup in Sudan led by the president’s military wing broke the most important attempt in Africa to achieve a difficult institutional balance between the army, militias and political representatives of civil society, which in turn strengthens relations between Khartoum and Cairo, in a major alliance not only at the level of Libya, but on the issue of Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

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