Valetta Bank says it’s ready to lift restrictions on Libyans’ assets in Malta

The follow-up committee for lifting restrictions on the funds of Libyans and Libyan companies held a meeting with the director of Bank of Valletta, “Rick Honkin,” to discuss the measures taken by the bank’s management against Libyans and Libyan companies, especially with regard to closing and freezing accounts and bank transfers.

Honkin expressed his readiness to solve all the problems, by holding a subsequent meeting Wednesday with the committee and in the presence of the managers of all the bank’s branches, to receive the data of the confiscated and frozen funds, and to start procedures to return them to their beneficiaries.

The committee formed under Prime Minister Decision No.110 of 2021 is conducting a visit to Malta, during which meetings have been held with local officials, and invited Libyan companies and citizens residing in Malta, to meet with them and listen to their problems to release their frozen funds.

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