Source reveals to 218News details of Dbeibah-Erdogan meeting: Concerning Agreements

A source revealed to 218News details of the talks that Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah held with Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Friday.

The source said that Dbeibah had agreed with Erdogan that the unity government would send an official request to Turkey in order to increase the number of its security and advisory mission in Libya, and to send a new batch of Libyan security personnel to the Military Academy in Isparta for training.

The source confirmed to “218News” that the fate of the elections gained a large part of Dbeibah’s talks with Erdogan, explaining that there is a common concern over the recent security deterioration in the western region.

The two parties agreed to hold a “Libyan-Turkish” meeting in the second half of November for the purpose of discussing the activation of the maritime memorandum of understanding.

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