Italy, France dispute over final statement of Paris Conference

An informed source told 218News that an “Italian-French” dispute is taking place behind the scenes of the preparations for the Paris conference on Libya, over the text of the conference’s final statement.

The source said that the Italians insist that the final statement include an article allowing everyone to run for elections, while the French adhere to the conditions stipulated in the candidacy law issued by the High National Elections Commission, which requires the candidate to stop exercising his position permanently at least three months before the date of the electoral due on December 24.

The Paris Conference on Libya will be held on November 12, with international, regional and international participation; with the aim of ensuring the implementation of the Libyan elections schedule, and discussing the exit of mercenaries and foreign forces from the country.

The “French-Italian” dispute was preceded by hours, statements by US Vice President Kamala Harris, in which she affirmed the United States’ keenness to hold the Libyan elections on time, and the need for Libyans to choose their representative through the ballot boxes.

It is worth noting that the article on the job status of the candidate within the candidacy law sparked widespread controversy in political circles between supporters and opponents of it, before the Electoral Commission finally approved it in the terms of candidacy that it approved two days ago.

If the candidate occupies a public leadership position, the article requires him/her to officially stop practicing work three months before the date of the elections scheduled for December 24, and to submit documents that prove this.

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