Dbeibah rejects electoral laws, leaves door open for his candidacy

Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah announced his rejection of the electoral law in its current, “flawed” form, as he described it, saying: “We want a just election law according to a clear constitutional rule that all Libyans agree on.”

Dbeibah added: “We reject the electoral laws that are made for specific people and don’t adhere to the constitution,” noting that he will announce his position on running for the December 24 elections, at the right moment.

Dbeibah’s statements came during a speech, while supervising the establishment of the National Youth Council, in the capital, Tripoli, during which he touched on the Lockerbie file, indicating that it was closed externally, but they will reopen it locally to find out who caused the suffering of the Libyans for years.

It is noteworthy that the prime minister evaded answering a question by “218News” at the Paris conference, regarding the handover of power on December 24, stipulating consensual elections, as he described it, to hand over power.

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