From Mitiga Airport: US ambassador reiterates support for Libya’s electoral commission

The United States Ambassador and Special Envoy to Libya, Richard Norland, held a meeting upon his arrival at Mitiga International Airport;  with the Head of the High National Elections Commission, Emad Al-Sayeh; to discuss the latest challenges of the electoral process, especially the recent escalation against the Electoral Commission by attacking a number of its offices, and the call to stop the electoral process by force.

The US embassy said in a tweet: “Norland assured Al-Sayeh of the continued support of the United States for the efforts of the Electoral Commission; to ensure the security and integrity of the voting process as an essential part of allowing Libyan voters to decide the country’s future.”

218News learned of the arrival of Washington’s ambassador this morning, Wednesday, to the capital, Tripoli, heading a high-level American delegation, on a quick visit; to hold meetings with political figures, candidates, and diplomats, the United States requested their entry to Mitiga Airport, including the head of the electoral commission, Deputy Head of the Presidential Council Mossa Al-Koni, Interior Minister Khaled Mazen, and presidential candidate Fathi Bashagha.

Washington’s support for the High National Elections Commission comes in order to block the way for obstructionists in the electoral process, and in the context of the United States’ assertion that the December entitlement will be held on its previously scheduled date, in addition to the imposition of international sanctions on the entities and persons involved in restricting the work of the Electoral Commission.

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