HNEC: Judiciary will resolve issues regarding candidates’ presidential candidacy

The Head of the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), Emad Al-Sayeh, announced the closure of the registration for candidacy for the presidential elections, calling on voters in all regions to receive their cards as soon as possible.

Al-Sayeh added, during a press conference held on Tuesday morning, that the commission referred the files of the 98 candidates for the presidential elections to the Public Prosecutor, the Criminal Investigation and Passports Department, for vetting, and the preliminary lists will be published within two days.

Al-Sayeh stressed that the judiciary is the most important partner of the HNEC during this stage, adding that the judiciary will decide whether or not the candidates fulfill the conditions.

With regard to the parliamentary elections, he said that the number of candidates reached 1,766, and the number is expected to rise to four thousand, according to the HNEC statistics.

Al-Sayeh called on any party that demands the amendment of Article 12, to go to the legislative authority, as it is empowered to consider such a request.

He said that the allegations of selling the electoral cards are intended to distort the work of the commission and confuse the voter, calling on everyone who has a problem receiving the electoral card to submit an objection to the nearest branch of the commission. He also expressed optimism about the turnout and active participation in the elections.

Al-Sayeh touched on the controversy surrounding the validity of the endorsement lists, saying that they intend to review the endorsement lists randomly because their number is large and time is short, as he described it.

It is expected that the voting process will take place abroad through the postal company, collecting all votes from all countries of the world.

He indicated that after a wave of objections to some of the candidates; all the offices of the commission have returned to work, while the process of securing elections is proceeding according to the plan of the Ministry of Interior.

The High National Elections Commission had announced the delivery of 1,709,431 voter cards, until the end of working hours on Monday, November 22.

The total number of male voters who received their cards was 1,052,662, while 656,769 female voters received their cards, through the commission centers distributed in various regions of Libya.

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