Libyan 5+5 JMC to convene in Turkey and Russia next month

A source in the 5+5  Joint  Military Commission confirmed to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, on the sidelines of a meeting in Tunisia, that the decision to expel mercenaries from Libya is a Libyan sovereign decision, suggesting that a timetable and specific dates for the mercenaries’ expulsion will be set immediately, after the meeting that will be held next month in Turkey, and then another meeting will follow in Russia.

The source clarified that the Tunis meeting is a follow-up to previous meetings, including the Egypt meeting, which was attended by African countries neighboring Libya “Chad, Niger and Sudan”, and was characterized by the presence of support from countries supporting the expulsion of mercenaries.

The JMC discussed, at its meeting in Tunis, on Wednesday; mechanisms for removing mercenaries and foreign forces from Libyan territory, in the presence of representatives of the African Union Mission, the European Union and the United Nations Mission.

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