HNEC denies intention to postpone December 24 elections

The Director of the Media Center of the High Electoral Commission, Sami Al-Sharif, confirmed that the commission has no intention, so far, to postpone the elections from their scheduled date on December 24, in light of the progress of the appeals process.

Al-Sharif added, in a press statement, that a postponement is possible in the event that the issue of appeals and the current arrangements are not completed, noting that the commission may request a postponement of the start of the electoral process for four or five days, until the appeals and judicial results are decided for technical reasons.

It is worth noting that the Head of the High National Elections Commission, Emad Al-Sayeh, considered the issue of holding the elections on time a technical issue subject to the commission’s discretion, pointing to the possibility of postponing the launch date in the event of delays in deciding on the appeals.

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