Judicial ruling disqualifies Dbeibah’s presidential candidacy

A source confirmed to “218News” that Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah was excluded from the list of candidates for the presidential elections, after the Tripoli Appeals Court accepted the appeals against him on Sunday.

A judicial ruling was issued to exclude Dbeibah based on the restriction of the First Instance Appeals Committee of the Tripoli Appeals Court. Appeals against his candidacy were submitted by 3 presidential candidates, Aref Nayed, Othman Abdel Jalil, and Muhammad al-Muntasir, in addition to the two members of the Political Dialogue Forum Al-Sayda Al-Yakobi and Ahmed Al-Sharkasi.

The office of lawyer Riad Daadoush had addressed the Tripoli Court of Appeal to accept the appeal in form, based on Dbeibah’s violations of Article 12 of the President’s Election Law, and his pledge in March 2021 not to run for the presidential elections according to the map of the Political Dialogue Forum.

The circulating appeal document stated: “The unity government was produced by the road map to secure and support the elections, not run for them, and that the map stipulated no member of the government would run for the December elections, especially because breaching the roadmap opens the door to division and threatens the peace process.”

It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister of the Unity Government submitted his candidacy papers for the presidential elections last Sunday, on the last day of candidacy registration, and the Electoral Commission accepted his candidacy in principle and published his name in the preliminary lists of candidates.

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