HNEC: 83% of voters received their cards, while 2974 candidates registered for HoR election

The High National Elections Commission (HNEC) announced the delivery of 2,371,846 voter cards, as of Monday, 29 November.

The total number of women voters who received their cards reached 981,599, while 1,390,247 male voters received their cards, or about 83% of the total registered in the voter system, according to the latest statistics issued by the commission on Tuesday.

The process of distributing voter cards will end on December 1, after the extension of the period for receiving cards by the commission, which urged citizens registered in the voter system to go to the centers where they are registered to receive their cards and ensure their right to vote in the upcoming elections.

A separate statement by the Electoral Commission stated that the total number of candidates for the election of the House of Representatives in all electoral districts amounted to 2,974 male and female candidates.

It is scheduled to stop accepting applications for candidacy for the parliamentary elections on 7 December. Candidates will compete for 200 seats, including 33 seats reserved for women in simultaneous elections that will be held after the first round of the presidential elections.

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