Russia blocks appointment of British Nicholas Kay as UN envoy to Libya

Diplomatic sources confirmed to the American magazine Foreign Policy that Russia is preventing the appointment of the British diplomat Nicholas Kay as the UN special envoy to Libya, to succeed the outgoing UN envoy, Jan Kubis.

Foreign Policy revealed that United Nations Secretary-General Guterres had considered the possibility of appointing Stephanie Williams as a special representative, but diplomats expected that she would provoke Russia, which objected to extending her mandate as the acting head of the mission earlier, and Russia prevented the appointment of the German-American citizen, Richard Wilcox, who was working on the National Security Council at the White House.

The Slovak UN envoy, Jan Kubis, submitted his sudden resignation to the Secretary-General, which will enter into force on December 10, at a time when the country is preparing to go for the first presidential elections in its history since independence.

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