Zahiyo warns elections could lose credibility and transparency

The presidential candidate, Asaad Zahiyo, said that Libya is going through one of its most difficult periods by circumventing all moral standards and values.

“Zahiyo” added that the judicial institution and the electoral process in Libya are being disregarded and belittled after those who represent the judiciary were forced to return candidates to the presidential race despite the clarity of the appeals against their candidacies, while a session to consider the presidential candidate Saif al-Islam Gaddafi was aborted by the force of arms and at the sight of the Ministries of Interior and Justice as well as the Supreme Judicial Council.

He also wondered about what he described as strange coincidences that make the judiciary unable to hold a session to consider one appeal, but it succeeds in considering and resolving many appeals, even if it is contrary to the pronunciation of Law No.1 of 2021 issued by the House of Representatives.

He pointed out that what is happening today is affecting the credibility of the judicial institution and transforming it from an arbitrator and impartial party to a party accused of complacency, collusion and discrimination, warning that elections will lose all the elements of credibility, transparency and integrity, suggesting that elections will be sham, with pre-prepared results before they start.

Zahiyo held the executive authority and the Supreme Judicial Council responsible for all that could result from this fuss, calling for a quick solution in order to avoid wasting the Libyan opportunity, and declared his rejection of what he called “absurdity” that makes everyone mere extras in a poorly directed skit.

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