Libyan HoR members call for questioning session for Head of HNEC

72 members of the House of Representatives (HoR) issued a statement calling on the presidency of the HoR to hold a session next Monday, provided that the Head f the High National Elections Commission and representatives of the institutions supervising the security and judicial process attend.

The HoR members warned the Electoral Commission against announcing the final list of candidates until the questioning session ends, so that the House of Representatives can assess the situation and ways to save the electoral process.

They stressed that the national and historical responsibility necessitates that they hold a decisive session to save the conduct of a legal electoral process that leads to stability and unification of institutions, saying they will not accept succumbing to suspicious external pressures, or being false witnesses to a party of fraud, vote-buying, and insulting the judicial institution.

The members indicated that they seek to protect the country’s sovereignty before December 24 by conducting a fair electoral process, or developing a new road map in accordance with the constitutional declaration and its amendments.

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