Bashagha criticizes GNU and accuses CBL of impoverishing Libyans

Presidential candidate Fathi Bashagha accused the unity government led by Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah of leading the country towards bankruptcy, criticizing the role played by the United Kingdom government in Libya, which supports the corrupt.

In a speech after his return from the city of Benghazi, Bashagha added that Libya will only be governed by a political process among Libyans, stressing that he chose the ccivilian power and he allied with Aqila Saleh in a joint list, noting that the United Nations was the one that chose the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum’s 75 members, stressing the need to reform the UN mission.

Bashagha added that the Libyan file is not important to the international community except in the files of illegal immigration and terrorism, expressing his surprise at the United Kingdom’s support for the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya, whom he accused of impoverishing the Libyans and upsetting the balance of purchasing power in the country, after departing from their duties, stressing his intention to boycott the British government and its embassy in Libya.

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