HoR summons Head of HNEC and renders UK ambassador “persona non grata”

At Monday  parliament session, the members heard a number of reports related to the problems and obstacles that faced the electoral process, which led to the failure to hold the elections on time on December 24, especially the report of the committee in charge of communicating with the High National Elections, in addition to the report of the High Elections Commission on the problems and obstacles it faced. They also heard reports on the threats and dangers the HNEC faced in the electoral process, in addition to confidential reports, such as the General Intelligence report and the Ministry of Interior report.

The House of Representatives decided not to take a decision regarding the postponement of the election date to January 24, stressing that it had not been addressed by the HNEC about this request until Monday.

The House of Representatives also affirmed the continuation of the Roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, which was formed pursuant to Parliament Resolution No. (13) for the year 2021, in its work, in order to draw a new road map for the next stage.

The House of Representatives decided to summon the head and members of the High Electoral Commission, to listen to them in the next session about the obstacles and reports that faced the electoral process. In addition to voting to consider the UK ambassador, Caroline Hurndall, persona non grata, noting that the council will issue a decision in this regard, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should communicate with the relevant authorities to inform the relevant ambassador of this decision.

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