Dbeibah: We won’t hand over power until a new constitution is approved and real elections are held

Prime Minister Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah reiterated that the election laws are flawed and unfair, considering that this delayed his government’s implementation of a number of targeted projects.

Dbeibah announced that his government would continue its work until a constitution was drawn up and real elections were held to bring a leadership for the country, at which point power would be handed over to the elected government.

In his speech at the national celebration of the implementation of the initiative to facilitate marriage, Dabaiba added that the elections should be based on a constitutional basis, and a true constitution that expresses the needs of all Libyans.

He also called, during his speech, which was attended by a number of his government ministers and a number of beneficiaries of the marriage fund, on his government to hold a press conference at the end of this year in which he shows what the government has done since it took power in Libya.

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