France hails withdrawal of 300 mercenaries from eastern Libya

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed the departure of 300 foreign mercenaries in eastern Libya, praising the step, which it considered the beginning of the phased withdrawal of foreign forces from the country.

The spokeswoman for the ministry, Anne-Claire Legendre, indicated that this step must be followed by a complete withdrawal of mercenaries, foreign fighters and foreign forces from Libya as soon as possible, pointing out that the departure of the mercenaries constitutes a first positive sign after the Paris conference, as she described it.

According to what was reported by Reuters, the ministry did not specify the time of the mercenaries’ departure, nor did it clarify the country to which they belong, while diplomats said they were from Chad: southern Libya’s neighbor.

It is worth noting that the 5+5 Joint Military Commission prepared an action plan last October, aimed at removing all mercenaries and foreign fighters from Libya in a gradual, balanced and simultaneous manner.

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