GNU says expenditures of 2021 have exceeded 85 billion dinars

The Government of National Unity revealed its public spending for the past year 2021, saying it had more than 85 billion dinars, of which more than 75 billion were used, distributed over the budget sections.

Chapter one “salaries” 33.064 billion, chapter two “managing expenses” 7.997 billion, and chapter three “development projects” 6.830 billion. Chapter four “subsidies” came with a total value of 20.830 billion, while chapter five “emergency” was at 6.490 billion.

During a forum organized in Tripoli, the government announced the allocation of 4.6 billion dinars for the allowance of the wife and children, and 2 billion dinars to support the marriage fund.

In its statement, the government added that it had allocated one billion dinars to provide vaccines for the CCoronavirus and support the National Center for Disease Control, while it allocated 1.9 dinars to the sectors of the interior, local government and transportation, in addition to dealing with the situation of employees in troubled companies.

According to the data announced at the forum, the government allocated 500 million dinars to implement the salary increase for retirees before the adoption of Law 12/1.

The statement also indicated the allocation of 6.4 billion dinars, which included the sector of the Ministry of Defense and General Intelligence, in addition to opening new roads, rehabilitating the Andalus neighborhood area in Tripoli, and addressing the situation at the Ras Jedir border.

it indicated in the same statement that 1.3 billion dinars were allocated under the item of maintenance expenses for new ministries, public authorities and institutions.

In detailing the allocations for chapter three, the government referred to the allocation of 2 billion dinars for the National Oil Corporation, about 3 billion dinars to support the General Electricity Company, and the allocation of 3 billion dinars to the Development Authority of Administrative Centers, which was occupied by the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdul Hamid Al-Dabaiba earlier, as well as allocating 2 billion dinars to the body for the implementation of housing and utility projects.

The government’s statement announced during the forum, which included the Ministry of Finance’s announcement of the volume of expenditures from chapter four, according to the data of the Public Treasury Department that  showed the distribution of more than 20 billion to support medicines, lighting and general hygiene, including an amount of more than 9.9 billion dinars to subsidize fuel.

Observers believe that the size of the huge spending during the government’s short period of work will harm the local economy due to the increase in exaggerated spending amid low monetary power, and that the government’s adoption of the principle of allocating large sums in the absence of the adoption of the budget will increase the internal debt and commitment to the future authority, adding that this reinforces the reports received from the Audit Bureau and the oversight bodies, saying clearly that there’s a number of irregularities in the exchange and other abuses that affected the competence of the exchange values.

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