Military campaign to establish security in south Libya

The Commander of Southern Operations and Sabha Military Region Rooms, Major General Al-Mabrouk Sahban, revealed that the Libyan National Army forces have started a wide and comprehensive military campaign in the southern region to impose security.

The military campaign targets all violators, including random construction, drug trafficking, smuggling, illegal immigration and the spread of armed groups.

The second phase of the campaign includes illegal fuel stations, which distribute smuggled fuel at high prices. The phase will not start until after subsidized fuel is available at all stations licensed by the Libyan state.

Sahban pointed out that the process of distributing fuel to the Sabha oil depot is unfair due to the lack of adequate control over the distribution stations, in addition to the existence of a major manipulation involving the distribution stations and several parties, while there are efforts by the Libyan National Army aimed at delivering fuel to all Libyans constantly.

In an interview with Al-Ain, Sahban dded that the Libyan National Army forces are showing great interest in Murzuq Basin areas, where several meetings have been held for a comprehensive settlement between the components of the city.

He explained that all parties showed seriousness in reaching a binding solution for all that guarantees the return of the displaced to their homes, a settlement that includes Libyans only and does not include unarmed groups coming from abroad, as it is treated as illegal immigration, while foreign armed groups must be expelled voluntarily or by laws.

Sahban pointed to the role of the notables and elders of Sebha in reaching a solution to the recent events in the city, referring to their successful intervention that thwarted an external scheme to plunge the desert depth into chaos and fighting.

He stressed that the Libyan problem is external, and the actions of some countries are still present inside Libya in different ways, pointing out that there is joint coordination among social leaders and it led to stability in a large part of the south.

Sahban explained that the Libyan National Army faced terrorist organizations in all of Libya with great firmness, but the terrorists appeared from time to time, taking advantage of the vast area of ​​southern Libya, which links them to three African countries.

He pointed out that this appearance is considered individual after the elimination of large groups, advising Libyans to stick to dialogue, and not to pay attention to international conflicts over their wealth.

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