Report: 742 bodies of “ISIS” fighters are stacked in refrigerated containers outside Misurata

A report by “Reuters” stated that hundreds of bodies of ISIS operatives were killed in previous battles years ago are still stacked in refrigerated containers outside the city of Misurata.

These bodies were collected from battlefields and unofficial cemeteries in 2016, while no specific method or place for their burial has been agreed upon.

The number of these bodies is about 742, but the power cuts in the refrigerated containers made them decompose over time, which consequently led to the exit of odors.

A plan to allocate a cemetery for these bodies in Sirte failed, as did another plan to bury them in a cemetery originally intended for migrants who died while trying to pass through Libya to European countries.

The security forces that guard the containers hope that the government will be able to find a quick solution, especially since four of the refrigeration units are currently not working, which requires, from time to time, to transfer them to non-functional refrigeration units.

The purpose of collecting the bodies was to find a suitable place to bury them or return them to their countries of origin, but those countries did not care about them.

Meanwhile, the Libyan authorities recognized, relying on documents and photos, and speaking to captured armed men; identification of more than 50 bodies, mostly of people from Arab and African countries, but also tentatively identifying a British woman and a French child.

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