Is Libya gearing towards a new crisis between HoR and government?

Episode 41 of Al-Ad Al-Aksi (The Countdown) Program series shed light on Parliament Speaker Aqila Saleh’s statements, which were described as escalatory, in addition to the possibility of consensus on a figure capable of taking over as prime minister in the event of Dabaiba’s withdrawal, as well as the possibility that Aqila’s talk about assigning a committee to draft the constitution will sodeline the work that has been carried out by the Constitution Drafting Assembly; with the guests of the episode, journalist Firas Busalloum, coordinator of the national initiative to activate the constitution of the monarchy, Sami Al-Alam, and member of the Political Dialogue Forum, Ramadan Al-Senussi Belhaj.

Belhaj said that there are four countries that can move the Libyan file and end the political impasse, namely Turkey, Egypt, Russia and Tunisia.

He added that the High National Elections Commission has become a party to the political process and not just a technical party, and that Emad Al-Sayeh’s statements have always been in line with the political scene and its changes.

Belhaj concluded by saying that the international community has nothing to offer to the Libyan situation, and that it always threatens sanctions, but it does not have the tools of punishment.

Busalloum said that the draft constitution has many problems and defects, and the process of revising it within 6 months is very difficult, pointing out that if the elections are linked to amending the draft constitution, the elections will not take place before two years.

He added that Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dabaiba has always sought to weaken the army by stopping the salaries of soldiers, in order to weaken the image of other candidates.

While Al-Alam confirmed the existence of many errors in the draft constitution, due to its formulation based on making concessions, adding that the Parliamentary Roadmap Committee will seek to extend itself, and it only meets with specific personalities.

He concluded by saying that the US-Russian interests are dominant in Libya, and that the rest of the countries are seeking to take what’s left.

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