Williams: Libya’s How should focus on election not on replacing the government

Adviser to the United Nations Secretary-General for Libya, Stephanie Williams, said in statements to the Russian “Sputnik” news agency that the Libyan parliament should focus on the electoral process rather than seeking to change the government.

Williams emphasized that what the Libyan people need is to go to the polls and choose a fully representative government, democratically elected, not transitional, with full sovereignty and help in the process of unifying institutions.

Williams pointed out to the fact that the powers of the Libyan parliament include changing the current government, but with specific conditions and a certain legal quorum.

She added that ending the authority of the current government comes within the competences of the Libyan parliament, noting at the same time that – there are internationally recognized agreements signed by the Libyans themselves, which determine the legal quorum necessary for Parliament to change the government.

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