Libyan constitution: A new point of disagreement that causes controversy among politicians

Amid the exchange of accusations by Libyan political parties of responsibility for postponing December 24 elections, many conversations have been becoming loud again about the need to draw up a constitution that enjoys the consensus of all Libyans, which some considered a correct start to prevent the collapse of the electoral track again, while others saw as a systematic continuation of obstruction and a return to square one.

The dilemma of the constitutional referendum seems more complicated than simply approving or rejecting it, as the biggest concerns lie in the request to open the door to amending the draft constitution, which could double the time and take months to form an agreed committee to identify points of disagreement and work to review them.

Observers believe that the decision will eventually be in the hands of the UN Adviser to Libya Stephanie Williams, whom some expect to resort to the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, along with the parliamentary committee tasked with developing the road map, which is expected to determine the time periods that will lead to elections, as well as discuss changing the executive authority and sovereign positions.

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