Stalemate after success in the work of Libya’s 5+5 JMC

Observers believe that the track of the 5+5 Joint  Military Commission is the only way that has achieved success in the past period, and this has been evident in many situations on the ground.

Following the announcement by the French Foreign Ministry that 300 foreign mercenaries have left eastern Libya, hailing the start of a phased withdrawal of thousands of foreign forces who fought on both fronts of the conflict in the conflict-torn country, Turkey is preparing to withdraw about 150 of its mercenaries in Libya, according to the sources.

The Russian and Turkish presidents also held phone discussions recently during which they dealt with the Libyan file and confirmed their adherence to the “simultaneous exit” of foreign mercenaries from Libya, which is the biggest dilemma in promoting stability throughout the country. This agreement came after the talks of members of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission held in Ankara and Moscow last month.

In the meantime, the UN Adviser Stephanie Williams said that the issue of mercenaries should not be an obstacle to the elections, explaining that some say that elections cannot be held until all mercenaries are withdrawn, (but) the fact that they have held local elections in Libya recently, in the presence of mercenaries on the ground, according to Stephanie Williams.

Despite the protraction in the work of the 5+5 Commission, it remains the only entity that accomplishes what has been agreed politically, unlike other files that remained unresolved.

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