Zahra Langi says Williams reminder of Siham Sergiwa is “political exploitation”

Libyan Political Dialogue member Zahra Langi said that “there is nothing worse than selective memory or the political exploitation of human rights and women’s rights.”

Langi wondered, in a tweet on Monday, that what the UN Support Mission in Libya had done was to ensure accountability and end impunity in the cases of Siham Sergewa, Fariha al-Barkawi and Salwa Abugaigais, who was assassinated on election day while she was calling on people to speak peacefully by using their electoral vote.

This came in reference to three tweets by the UN advisor, Stephanie Williams, who called on the concerned authorities in Libya to disclose the fate of Member of Parliament Siham Sergiwa. Williams recalled the disappearance of Sergiwa and said that “the perpetrators of this heinous crime that affected a woman and an elected member In parliament are still at large.”

She said the focus is turning today to the House of Representatives, which is discussing the fate of the national elections that were scheduled to take place on 24 December, adding that the HoR session is an opportunity to remind that there has been an empty seat in the HoR for 922 day – the seat of MP Siham Sergiwa -who was kidnapped by violent gunmen from her home in Benghazi on July 17, 2021.”

The UN Advisor concluded by stressing that she stands by the Sergiwa’s family, “the thousands of its supporters and all Libyan women who risk their lives to participate in political and public life in order to achieve justice and accountability for her kidnapping and disappearance.”

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