Diplomatic source unveils to 218News Turkey’s position on forming new Libyan government

A Turkish diplomatic source told “218News” that Turkey has a firm position on supporting the political process in Libya- a stance that was confirmed to UN Adviser Stephanie Williams during her recent visit as well – adding that theLibyan file was presented as one of the agenda items during the visit of the US State Department envoy to Turkey.

The source indicated that Turkey is closely following the discussions on the new road map, stressing that the matter is entirely up to the Libyans, because the decision to postpone the elections was made by agreement among them.

The source added that the issue of controversy over forming a government or amending the current cabinet is an internal affair, and that there are legal issues  announced by the United Nations during the political agreement in Geneva to control the political process.

The source did not specify an official date for Aqila Saleh’s visit to Turkey, stressing that Turkey has relations with everyone, east and west, and that what Turkey aims for is the absence of any tension or conflict, and that the competent political bodies take the initiative to announce a new roadmap.

On the Turkish presence in Libya; the source said that the experts and trainers in Libya are legally and publicly present in accordance with official agreements between the two governments, pointing out that trade and economic exchange is important for both parties, and that cooperation in this regard is developing on a daily basis in all fields, noting the imminent announcement of projects in new areas, including the south and east regions.

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