Tunisian notorious terrorist detained in Libya, while others are on the run

A source confirmed to 218News that the security apparatuses had arrested the notorious Tunisian terrorist “Bilal bin Abdel Wahhab bin Trad” in Tripoli, as part of an intensive security follow-up to potential terrorists in the Nafusa and Sabratha regions.

About two weeks ago, sources from the Attorney General’s Office confirmed to 218News that Libyan security units began conducting search operations after receiving information confirming the presence of the prominent Tunisian leader in ISIS, Ashraf bin Fathi al-Qizani, in the west of the country, who is being pursued by the United States, which classified him as a global terrorist.

218News also obtained an official document directed from the General Department of Security Operations to the Ministry of Interior, confirming that the terrorists Hamza bin Salem Al-Aib and Al-Hadi bin Daou Al-Ghweil, wanted by the Tunisian authorities, are in Libya, specifically in the village of Takout near Nalut.

This operation is not the first of its kind in the recent period, as the Internal Security Agency succeeded earlier in arresting the terrorist Emhamed Al-Tawati, from the city of Sabratha, who joined the terrorist organization “ISIS” in late 2015, at the height of his activity in the West Coast region, where the terrorist carried out operations to facilitate the entry of terrorists from Tunisia to Libya to carry out terrorist acts, the most dangerous of which was the delivery of the suicide bomber at the Corentia Hotel, terrorist Idris Al-Amrousi, upon his arrival from Tunisia, through the city of El-Gamil.

Security reports indicate that terrorists continue to move through the most dangerous routes linking Libya and Tunisia, where ISIS leaders are secretly located in areas of the Nafusa Mountains and the western coast, where it is expected that the security prosecutions will lead to the overthrow of leaders wanted at the local and international levels.

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