Report: Egypt is comfortable with appointment of Bashagha as Libyan PM

Al-Arab newspaper reported that political indicators say that Bashagha’s road to power will be paved for him to run his government from its headquarters in Tripoli, not Sirte, which prompted Egypt to hasten to welcome the House of Representatives’ decision to choose Bashagha for the position of head of the new government, and that it is reassuring that Bashagha will overcome  many internal and external obstacles that hinder the work of government.

Al-Arab added in a report that the consensus around Bashagha makes his chances better than his predecessors, as signs of confidence appeared in him upon his arrival at Tripoli’s Mitiga Airport, as he held a press conference upon his arrival and immediately after being named a PM on Thursday, which made Cairo place its big bet on him to find a political settlement to the crisis in Libya.

The newspaper indicated that Egypt was looking for a well-balanced figure who is not completely aligned with the political Islam parties, or who does not have blatant foreign loyalties that affect its security role and political assessments, after Cairo suffered from the biases of both Al-Sarraj and Al-Dabaiba towards Turkey, as Bashagha is able to strike a balance among the various powers.

It said choosing Bashagha came at a time when relations between Cairo and Ankara were developing, or at least the conflict between them in Libya had calmed down and was no longer an issue in some regional files.

Al-Arab added that some parties imagine that Bashagha’s relationship with Cairo was consolidated after he left the Ministry of Interior, and before he announced his candidacy for the president’s seat in the elections that were scheduled to take place last December, but the relationship arose a long time ago and the man had a good relationship with Cairo and knew the privacy of the relationship with Egypt, which represented a political solution that could be resorted to at the appropriate time. Bashagha’ name was repeated more than once, and his flexibility enabled him to expand his relations with various parties that made the process of passing his new government not difficult.

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