Source to 218News: Tunisian terrorist arrested in Libya

A Tunisian security source confirmed to 218News that the security apparatuses in Libya arrested two Tunisians while they were trying to cross the sea towards Europe, one of whom is linked to a terrorist organization.

The source pointed out that Interpol Office in Tripoli received, in November of last year, a letter from Interpol Tunisia regarding the arrested terrorist named Mohammed Ali bin Nabil Krir, born in 1993, while the other named Mohammed bin Al-Makki Jaziri, born in 1990.

Earlier this month, 218News learned that the security apparatuses had arrested the dangerous Tunisian terrorist “Bilal bin Abdel-Wahhab bin Trad” in Tripoli, as part of an intensive security follow-up to potential terrorists in the Nafusa and Sabratha regions.

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