Bashagha: Libya’s sovereignty is violated, battalions will be put in reintegration programs

Prime Minister-designate Fathi Bashagha stressed the need to start reconciliation and preserve Libya’s unity, warning against the continuation of the current situation in the country and the state of conflicts, wars, financial corruption and security fragility.

Bashagha said, during a speech in one of the forums in the city of Misurata; the establishment of the state will not take place without the presence of agreement among all Libyans in the various regions, so that the country will then embark on reform and development, noting that Libya’s sovereignty and borders are violated, adding that all the battalions wish to build the state and are not afraid of that.

He also pointed out that the Libyan state must accommodate all its citizens, acknowledging the existence of major economic problems, which he will work to solve by relying on Libyan experts, stressing the need to strengthen the Libyan dinar so that the exchange rate is better than the current one.

The Prime Minister-designate pledged that he would work to lead Libya to hold presidential and parliamentary elections, protect the country’s sovereignty and borders, and set plans for Libya to become an international trade center during his term of office, noting that there is a problem in the system of government.

Bashagha referred to the need for the rule of justice, truth and equity among cities and towns, and promised to set up real programs for the battalions for participation and integration in all sectors, in addition to conducting courses to rehabilitate them, citing the integration processes that he sought when he was Minister of Interior in the Government of National Accord.

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