Williams calls for reopening oil fields and resuming domestic flights

UN Adviser Stephanie Williams has expressed concern over the closure of Libyan oil fields and the suspension of domestic civilian flights.

“Freedom of movement across the country is a fundamental right and all civilian flights should resume,” Williams said in a tweet on her Twitter account.

She commented on the closure of the oil fields, saying: “Disrupting oil production deprives all Libyans of their main source of income,” calling at the end of her tweet to lift the oil closure.

It should be noted that for the fifth day in a row, the civil aviation authorities continue to suspend all domestic flights, except for flights between Maitika Airport and the airports of oil fields and ports, while Bashagha accused the unity government of this closure to prevent ministers from communicating with Parliament.

Yesterday, Sunday, the National Oil Corporation declared force majeure, after the losses it described as “heavy”, as a result of the attacks on the oil supply lines.

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