Russia withdraws Syrian fighters from Libya without sending in new groups for the first time

Russia has withdrawn the Syrian fighters inside Libya, through the Hmeimim base, and has not directed new batches to its areas of control in Libya.

This development was revealed by the local “Suwayda 24” website, which reported that hundreds of Syrian fighters recruited by Russia in Libya have returned to their places in several batches since the beginning of this month.

The last batch of fighters arrived at the Russian Hmeimim base, on Saturday, and included dozens of fighters from As-Suwayda.

The Russian forces did not send new batches instead of the returnees, as was the case in the past; which outlines Moscow’s intention to reduce the number of Syrian recruits in the country.

A Syrian returnee revealed that he spent seven months in Libya, accompanied by 300 Syrian fighters, and their roles were focused on guarding facilities under the control of Russian forces, and they did not engage in any combat operations.

He pointed out that the Russian forces gave them $700 for each month, and they were handed over their dues at the Hmeimim base in Latakia.

It is worth noting that the Syrian fighters returning from Libya have not received any new offer to travel to Ukraine, according to the website.

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