Italy negotiate with Libya and Algeria on agreements for renewable energy

Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, said on Monday that Italy is negotiating a memorandum of understanding on renewable energy with Algeria and Libya, as it seeks to get rid of its dependence on Russian gas, in light of the continuing Ukrainian war.

“We are working to diversify energy sources, and we are negotiating memoranda of understanding with Algeria and Libya on the development of renewable energy sources, and with Tunisia on green hydrogen,” Di Maio said at the 13th joint conference of foreign affairs and Italian aid.

He added: “We must immediately increase our production of oil and gas, as exceptional times require exceptional measures.”

Di Maio described the Ukraine war as “the most serious crisis in Europe since World War II”.

He also said, according to ANSA: “Our economies and societies, which have already been severely affected by the pandemic; are now facing the most serious political, military and humanitarian crisis on European soil since World War II.”

“The conflict has radically changed the geopolitical, strategic and security picture against the background of an emergency situation and no less dangerous climate change.” Di Maio said.

The Italian Foreign Minister concluded by saying that in the three years that have passed since the last edition of the conference was held due to the Coronavirus; the world has changed dramatically.

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