Italy proposes Libyan oil among alternatives to make up for Russian gas

European Union spokesman in the Middle East and North Africa, Luis Miguel Bueno, stressed that Europe will be greatly affected by the Ukrainian crisis due to its dependence on more than 40% of Russian gas.

Bueno explained that the European Union is leading consultations during this period to avoid being affected by the crisis, with regard to gas and energy, and is leading consultations with a number of Middle Eastern countries, led by Libya and Algeria, to diversify gas and energy sources and speed up their provision to meet all possibilities – according to what he told Al-Ain News.

The European spokesman revealed that there are currently talks between Libya and Italy in this regard as part of visits at the highest level for urgent action, and a number of European countries are expected to invest in Libya’s oil.

Italy intends to increase its imports from Libya to be a substitute for Russian gas, which Rome will reduce by about 50% within two months, although Libya meets only small needs of gas to Italy, estimated at only 2.5% of the total daily demand, most of which comes from Russia, then Algeria and Qatar. .

It should be noted that the statements of the European Union spokesman in the Middle East are consistent with the statements of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanalla, who confirmed that Libya is currently focusing on raising gas production rates to respond to the increasing demand for it in the European market.

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