Criminal lawsuit against US AFRICOM for accusation of killing 11 civilians in Libya

The American website “The Intercept” reported that the families of the victims of the US raid carried out in Libya in November 2018, which led to the killing of 11 citizens of Tuareg tribes, filed a criminal complaint against the former Italian commander at the American air base in Sicily, demanding accountability for his role in the killings.

The website added that the families of the victims asked the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Sicily, where the American base is located, to investigate and prosecute Colonel Gianluca Chierati and other Italian officials involved in the attack on charges of murder, noting that the 11 Libyans who got killed were heading to Ubari to retrieve an excavator that was in dispute with another group. And they weren’t terrorists.

AFRICOM spokeswoman Kelly Cahalan confirmed to The Intercept that they are aware of reports of civilian casualties as a result of this strike, noting that the US Africa Command followed the civilian casualty assessment process that was in place at the time, and decided that the reports were baseless.

The US military command in Africa, AFRICOM, had confirmed that it had carried out, in coordination with the Government of National Accord, a precise air strike near the city of Al-Owainat on November 29, 2018, which resulted in the killing of 11 al-Qaeda terrorists and the destruction of three vehicles, without indicating any losses in the ranks civilians.

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