Prince Andrew under legal measures again as relationship with Libyan arms dealer surfaces

The British newspaper “The Telegraph” revealed that Prince and Duke of York, Andrew, received financial bribes from a Libyan arms dealer named Tariq, saying the bribery was worth 1.3 million euros, adding that arms dealer organized meetings between Andrew and Gaddafi.

The newspaper reported that the Libyan arms dealer, who was convicted of trying to transfer a machine gun from the Netherlands to France, exposed the fraudulent relations of the British Prince, who is subject to a judicial investigation related to suspicions of receiving money for banking facilities of a fraudulent nature, mostly in the form of gifts to cover personal ceremonial expenses.

A spokeswoman for the Duke of York declined to comment on the accusations, saying she “would not comment on an ongoing legal matter”.

British politicians had called for Prince Andrew to be stripped of the title of “Duke of York” after Queen Elizabeth decided to withdraw all his military titles following the sexual assault scandal he was involved in.

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