Williams reaffirms support for consensus between HoR and HCS

UN Adviser Stephanie Williams reiterated the United Nations’ support for the Libyan-Libyan consensus, expressing in this regard  encouragement for this consensus between the House of Representatives (HoR) and High Council of State (HCS).

In a statement to Youm7 newspaper on Monday, Williams indicated that the UN mission encourages consensus between the two councils and will support the solution by Libyans, noting that the two councils “are fully responsible for achieving a comprehensive solution because they are responsible for the constitutional process.”

Williams also noted that she will continue to work with HoR and HCS by providing the necessary support to them “to reach an agreed constitutional framework, with the need for a Libyan-Libyan solution,” stressing the importance of reaching a solid constitutional framework to hold elections as soon as possible.

The Adviser concluded by saying that “the outcomes of the Berlin conference are the umbrella under which Libyans must work.” She also pointed out the presence of a degree of negative foreign interference in the Libyan crisis with some Libyan parties, stressing “the importance of reaching a secure and stable Libyan state that does not pose a threat to its neighbors.”

She also stressed “the need for the international community to support Libya to achieve consensus and unity and to hold elections that lead to the election of a government that represents the Libyan people”.

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