First oil tanker arrives in Zueitina port after lifting of force majeure

An official source at the National Oil Corporation (NOC) said, in an exclusive statement to 218News, that the Zueitina oil port received the first oil tanker “Melos 21” on Wednesday, after the force majeure was temporarily lifted by the NOC. The source said the shipment headed to China.

Speaking to 218News, the source revealed that another tanker will enter the shipping area in Zueitina on Thursday morning, and will ship 600,000 barrels to Italy.

Libya’s NOC lifted force majeure on the port temporarily at the beginning of the week after reaching an agreement with protesters who had halted export operations in mid-April, calling on the unity government to distribute oil revenues in a fair manner and not to waste public money.

The NOC had previously warned of an environmental “disaster” due to the suspension of export operations from the Zueitina port because of the deterioration of the infrastructure of pipelines and storage tanks.

Since the beginning of this week, the Oil Crescent region has seen bad weather, which prevented the two tankers from entering the port even after obtaining approval to start shipping operations and lifting force majeure.

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