Despite his denial, criticism directed at Bashagha for his article with The Times

Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha faced criticism for an article published in the British newspaper The Times in which he asked British officials to support his country in the face of Moscow’s intervention. Bashagha later denied writing the article on Twitter.

Many observers expressed their objection to Bashagha’s foreign policy, due to his dealings with Libya’s traditional partners, including Russia, as a number of journalists expressed their dissatisfaction with this policy.

Journalist Mahmoud Al-Misrati asked if Bashagha’s statement was the result of consultation, while the head of the Libyan Silvium Foundation for Studies and Research, Jamal Shallouf, expressed his displeasure with Bashagha’s article.

Bashagha commented on the British newspaper’s article by saying that he was surprised by the article attributed to him, asking the newspaper, which he described as respected, to look for accuracy to avoid being involved in publishing false articles.

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