Menfi prepares to expand Presidential Council, run a mini-government in Libya, source tells 218News

A reliable source has told 218News that the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, intends to take a unilateral step by declaring the expansion of the Presidential Council and the formation of a mini-government to govern the country.

The source added that Menfi will retain the presidency of the Presidential Council in addition to the mini-government, which is to be formed with the initiation of preparing a constitutional basis and reconsidering the electoral laws during a transitional phase that leads to holding national elections.

The source indicated that Menfi will take over the power in Libya away from Bashagha and Dbeibah governments, which are in conflict for legitimacy and authority with the House of Representatives’ tendency to approve the budget submitted by the Libyan government (Bashagha’s), amid fears of reestablishing institutional division. The source did not reveal the parties and entities supporting this move by Menfi.

Menfi’s move would repeat, if announced, the scenario of the Government of National Accord headed by Fayez Al-Sarraj, as the latter retained a dual presidency of the Presidential Council and the government for a period of nearly five years, before handing over power to the unity government in accordance with the decisions of the Geneva Agreement.

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