Source to 218News: Western sanctions to target those involved in halting Libyan oil exports

A source has revealed to 218News that Western countries are seeking to impose sanctions on some Libyan actors involved in closing the oil ports and fields since last month.

The source added that the Western countries had rendered stopping the pumping of Libyan oil as a way of taking the side of Russia, which maintains an unofficial military presence in Libya through the Wagner Group, and faces international and economic restrictions for its war on Ukraine.

The source said this comes in light of Western efforts to do without the reliance on Russian energy exports in favor of alternative markets, including Libya and Algeria.

The US embassy in Libya called earlier for the immediate opening of the oil ports and fields, with an explicit indication that stopping energy supplies may negatively affect the stability of the global economy. This came after protesters demanded enabling the Libyan government to exercise its tasks and duties in the capital, Tripoli, and requested the dismissal of the head of the National Oil Corporation. To reiterate their demands, the protesters closed the Zueitina port and the El Feel and El Sharara oilfields in the south of the country.

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