Syrian Observatory: Turkey prepares to send new group of Syrian mercenaries to Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights cited reliable sources as saying that preparations are underway in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Syria, which is under the control of the Turkish forces and their proxy fighters, to send a new batch of mercenaries from the so-called “National Army” to Libya.

The observatory stated that the new batch includes about 75 members of the various factions of the “National Army” supported by Turkey.

The observatory added that this batch of mercenaries is scheduled to leave Syrian territory for Turkey at the end of this week to be transferred from there to bases in the city of Tripoli, as part of a round-trip transfer, where 50 mercenaries will return to Syria.

According to the observatory’s sources; the mercenaries will receive only $200 after their salaries during the past periods ranged between $500 and $700 to $2,500 during the war in Libya.

It is reported that a final batch of mercenaries returned from Libya to Syrian territory about two weeks ago after the expiry of their contracts, according to the observatory, which demanded the extradition of “all the Syrians whom the Turkish government turned into mercenaries and got involved in the Libyan conflict,” and also called on Turkey and Russia to stop exploiting the Syrians to serve their narrow interests, according to the description of the observatory.

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