Agreement on setting up Libyan government in Sirte

The two presidencies of the House of Representatives and the Libyan government agreed that the government should work from the city of Sirte and provide its services to all citizens, regions and municipalities alike.

This announcement came after the meeting that was held in Sirte on Tuesday after an invitation  by the Speaker of Parliament, Aqila Saleh. It was attended by the Presidency of the House of Representatives, the Presidency of the Libyan Government, the Minister of Planning and Finance, the Finance Committee of the House of Representatives, the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Libya and representatives of the Libyan Audit Bureau, the Administrative Control Authority and the Anti-Corruption Authority, according to a statement issued by the Libyan government.

The meeting discussed the draft budget law proposed by the Libyan government and the mechanisms necessary to approve the budget on legal basis as well as in accordance with financial and accounting principles, in a manner that guarantees the highest levels of transparency and justice in providing services and improving their level, strengthening local governance and assuming advanced roles for municipalities in active participation in projects of development.

According to a statement issued by the Libyan government; the attendees agreed that all financial and supervisory authorities of the House of Representatives should comply with the legitimacy of the decisions of the legislature, enforce its decisions and implement its binding laws, in addition to the need for all financial, supervisory and judicial authorities to comply with the legislation and decisions of the House of Representatives in its legislative capacity in accordance with the constitutional rules in force.

The meeting also agreed on the need to pay attention to the energy sector and develop its infrastructure to ensure increased production and the resumption of oil exports in accordance with legal and objective laws that ensure that oil revenues are not wasted or politically exploited in order to prevent financial corruption and domination of the state’s capabilities outside the law as well as the imbalances of justice in the management of oil revenues.

It stressed the need to implement the principles of transparency and disclosure regarding oil revenues and ways of disbursing them to serve the public interest of the state and citizens.

At the conclusion of its statement, the government welcomed the Sirte meeting, praising the cooperation and support of those gathered with it to perform its duties and responsibilities, considering at the same time this meeting as an honorable form of national consensus that came based on sincere Libyan efforts, leading to creating the necessary conditions for holding elections.

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