Bashagha says oil closures will likely end once Central Bank approves budget

Libyan Prime Minister Fathi Bashagha suggested that the central bank’s financing of the government would lead to an end to the protests that caused the closure of some oil fields and ports, expressing his confidence that the Governor of Central Bank Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir would finance the budget.

In an interview with Reuters, Bashagha added that once the government receives the budget and distributes it fairly according to the budget approved by the House of Representatives, the residents of the oil fields and the Oil Crescent will not mind re-exporting oil, accusing the Dabaiba government of illegal spending, corruption and financing armed groups.

Bashagha ruled out that the political stalemate in Libya would lead to a new war, referring to the Turkish forces present in the west of the country, which he said were supportive of defending the capital, and indicated that there would be no movement of force from east to west or from west to east.

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