Allah and terrorism

By: Taha Al Busifi

Would God send a terrorist to heaven? Can terrorist acts be the path to God’s endless garden? Does God reward those who bomb, kill and threaten others? Is that compatible with God’s words in the holy Quran: “He has produced you from the earth and settled you in it” and “who ever saved it [a soul] should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind”?

All of these questions come across my mind every time I see a young man  swears by the strongest words and beliefs that he will be like a thorn in the throats of “apostates” and then go to blow himself up in the middle of crowded place, whilst thinking that he will be granted immorality in heaven as a reward!

I am troubled by those who decided to confiscate others’ opinions and mute them just because they do not like them, and because they think of them as obstacle that hinder them  from achieving their goals. These goals need an intelligent and catchy motto along with a strong justification to attract others to believe in it.

And of course, their is nothing better than religion which despite everything had happened, still has the ability to attract people from all levels and especially frustrated young people, who lost all hope of creating a good reality, and decided to choose the eternity of the afterlife.

I do not give excuses for those who wear explosive belts, or those who transform their bodies into walking dynamite, but we just cannot ignore the reasons that turned them into monsters. Governments and  regimes which failed to develop their countries and create real development should be held accountable for their part of responsibility over this. They failed to use their [young men’s] energy, potentials and skills.

If you tried to talk to them, you may like their Quran-loaded speech; however, they know how to misuse it to convince men to join them – a way you can never return back from.

Why they keep citing God during their own fights and disputes? Why do they say Allah’s name in the middle of their killings and murders? How could they claim that Allah will be waiting for them on his heaven’s door to crown them heroes and knights!

Religions helps life to continue and last. Killing innocent souls is like murdering life itself. Religions can never call for killing, because it would be unknowingly finishing itself. Allah and his Prophet Mohammed are innocent of those who named themselves as religion’s spokesmen and defenders just so they can kill, thinking that Allah rejoices each time a young man decides to blow himself up.

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