Deafening silence: 85 days since Rifawi’s forced disappearance

The security apparatuses in Sirte continue to keep the fate of the correspondent of 218 TV channels in the city, Ali Al-Rifawi, a secret 85 days after his arrest by the Internal Security Apparatus without any justification or legal standing.

218 TV reiterates its daily demands and appeals for the immediate and unconditional release of Rifawi, and an end to the silence of the security apparatuses and all authorities regarding this flagrant violation of human rights, citizenship rights, freedom of the press and expression, which are guaranteed by the Constitutional Declaration and regulated by applicable local laws and international conventions.

218 TV had previously made several statements demanding the disclosure of Rifawi’s fate, as it appealed to the government and all relevant authorities to intervene to end his suffering, and all humanitarian organizations, human rights bodies, embassies and international organizations called for the same thing, but his kidnappers and detainees rejected all those appeals, in blatant defiance, in In the absence of oversight and the spread of impunity and punishment.

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