Oil Ministry: Libya’s oil production ranges between 100.000 and 200.000 bpd

Oil and Gas Minister Mohamed Aoun reiterated that Libya’s oil production has declined due to the closure of oil fields and ports to less than 100.000/200.000 barrels per day.

The Oil and Gas Ministry indicated in its statement that due to the closures, only the offshore Hamada and Wafa oil fields remained operating with a total production of between 100.000 and 200.000 barrels per day.

Earlier, a shipping source revealed, in an exclusive statement to 218News, that the oil tanker “Maran Plateau” had arrived at Hariga port to load one million barrels, saying it is the second tanker within ten days. Last week, Hariga port exported one million barrels via the tanker “Sofia.”

218News learned from a separate source working in the Oil Crescent region about the arrival of the tanker “Cyrus Wheel” to the port of Ras Lanuf to ship 600.000 barrels, and it is likely that it will leave Libya on Sunday afternoon after completing the export procedures.

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