Swiss newspaper: Libyan military elites have grown richer amid persistent chaos

The Swiss newspaper “Luton” indicated that fears have increased about the outbreak of a new war in Tripoli, with no clear prospect for a political solution.

The newspaper added in an article by writer Ariane Lavrio, on Monday, that the end of the unity government’s mandate without an elected alternative complicated matters, referring to  the inability of the Libyan Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha, to enter the capital, due to the armed factions  in Tripoli defending the Dabaiba government.

The report described the service infrastructure in Libya as dilapidated, especially the electricity sector, which has been neglected for an entire decade, in addition to the presence of an economic crisis that was reflected in an inflation rate of 4%, despite Libya having the largest oil reserves in the African continent.

According to the article; the military elites are the ones who have grown rich in light of the current chaos, while the poverty rate among the public has increased in light of the aggravation of corruption and unemployment and the decline in the value of the Libyan currency.

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