Prince El Senussi calls for reinstating Libya’s pre-1969 constitution

The Libyan Crown Prince, Mohammed Reda El Senussi, called for the reinstatement of the pre-1969 constitution, which he considered the only viable way to restore the unity of Libya, the legitimacy of its institutions and its sense of national identity.

El Senussi added in an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Friday, that “if Libyans decide again that they want a constitutional monarchy, it will be my sacred duty towards my grandparents, my family, and my nation to serve them,” recalling the rule of the Senussi family, which was, according to his description, the most effective description, for the unification of three regions, and more than 100 tribes in Libya.

El Senussi pointed out that the Libyans need to restore the links of the past, as they are not building a country from scratch, but rather they are moving from where they left off more than 50 years ago, considering the failure of all attempts to establish a legitimate government resulting from ignoring Libya’s distinguished history, which must change, according to him.

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